Italian Furniture Product Care

The Care and Maintenance of Fine Heirloom Inlaid Furniture

Every Casa di Sorrento, Inc piece exhibits exceptional craftsmanship and the finest materials were selected and utilized during our manufacturing process.  It was crafted to give you many years of useful service and, more importantly, pride of ownership.  As a result, you need to exert little effort to preserve its beauty once it arrives at your home.  If you understand the nature of the wood and finish of your furniture and follow these simple recommendations for its maintenance, you will enjoy your investment for a lifetime.  

Our European finishing technique is the most refined in the industry, and does more to protect the wood than most finishes can.  Each piece receives eight individual applications of polyurethane.  Polyurethane finishes are much more resistant to moisture and spills and moderate heat than traditional varnishes, and do not need much protection. It should be noted that most U.S. manufactured furniture isnot polyurethane coated.

Recommended care:  Dust regularly with a soft dry cloth and wipe dry. When needed, wipe with a moist cloth, not wet. This will remove fingerprints and light soil. When dirt or grime have built up, clean with mineral spirits.

Do not use wax or polish, as it can build into an enemy. If wax or polish have been applied, remove it with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits. Clean small areas at a time and wipe each area with a clean cloth before going on to the next. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands, and dispose of them afterward, or wash in hot suds and air dry. We also recommend that you air-dry cloths used in cleaning to evaporate the solvent before disposing.

Excessive dampness, dryness, heat, or cold can damage wood furniture. Sunlight can change the color. Rubber or plastic mats should not be used unless marked safe for wood, since some may soften or stain the finish. Wipe up spills at once to prevent spots that require refinishing.   

By following these simple recommendations, your Casa di Sorrento, Inc furniture will indeed become an heirloom to cherish and use for generations.    

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