Casa Di Sorrento Italian Humidors

The Casa di Sorrento, INC. line of humidors combine detailed hand craftsmanship with authentic 100% Spanish cedar, humidifier, hygrometer and eight applications of polyurethane to provide the perfect environment (70 - 80% humidity) for storing your favorite cigars. We offer a unique variety of high quality humidors for the cigar enthusiast. Unless annotated otherwise, the standard sizes are; Large: 18" x 12" x h 7.5", Medium: 12" x 10" x h 5.5", Small: 9" x 8.5" x h 4.5", or made to your personal specifications at an additional cost.






To request additional information please contact us with your inquiry:

(508) 845-4111
35 Camelot Dr  Shrewsbury, MA 01545