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At Casadi Sorrento, we understand that keeping your home and garden looking good is a top priority to you. Our job is to give you stylish and comfortable furniture for your house’s needs. On our website, you’ll find different furniture designs inspired by classic creations and customers’ demands. We have the best home and garden furniture pieces you’ll ever find. Feel free to browse our website and get in touch with us on any concerns. We enjoy having you on board as our client.

Garden Furniture and Accessories

Protective Covers

Protective Covers

Our outdoor covers are constructed using top grade fibers and fabrics. Plus, the patio covers are made of nylon and dyed acrylic solutions. The protective covers are durable, breathable and resistant. They do not peel or crack like other vinyl types. Take advantage of our protective patio covers.​Parasols


Cooling breezes and sunshine are lovely, however, it can be too much. Our garden furniture and parasol accessories provide you with the shade and protection from the UV light, while the garden canopy shelters you from the wind. Most of our garden accessories are washable, thus you can keep your outdoor space looking calm and fresh.

Outdoor Cushions

​Outdoor Cushions

​Our Outdoor cushions are stylishly designed to complement your outdoor seating. With perfect textures, colors and patterns, you create a new atmosphere. Additionally, they have removable and washable covers; thus, you can always keep your seating clean and fresh looking.Hammocks and Swing Seats

Hammocks and Swing Seats

If you are looking to treat yourself and relax to enjoy your garden, why not treat yourself with a swing or garden hammock seats? We have a wide selection to choose from including contemporary and classic styles in both woven and wooden varieties.

To ensure you get the best out of the swing or hammock seats, we stock the best brands of garden furniture in the industry, which guarantees you both quality and comfort. All our swing and hammock seats come with a UV resistant cover, so you can stay away from UV light rays and light rains.

Care For Your Garden Furniture

​Outdoor furniture is available in different materials. Each material requires different methods. Monthly maintenance and cleaning can help the furniture maintain perfect appearance and make your investment last longer.

You can lean most of the garden furniture using water and soap. Besides, you can us cleaning fluids at the beginning of every season. However, if the furniture is really dirty, you can sand it slightly after cleaning. Remember to brush away any dust that is remaining and oil or paint afterwards.

Care for your garden furniture

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