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5 Best airbrush tanning solutions

Many have yearned to get that golden skin tan. In the past, people would go to the extent of exposing themselves to the sun to get the sun-kissed look. However, with the risks involved, such as skin cancer, wrinkles, and dark spots, today, the advent in technology, has seen it that you can now tan your skin with ease. All you need is consult a professional to get the airbrush tan of your complexion.

Most of these solutions have Dimethyl isosorbide, and erythrulose bronzer for the browning and darkening affects you want on your skin. Below, I have compiled a list of the best airbrush tanning solution in the market today. You can never go wrong with these;

1. Norvell Venetian One.

For a seven days perfect look, Norvell Venetian constitutes the violet and brown tone bronzers which got created for an exotic complexion. It goes well with skin tones. It is effective immediately and produces a long-lasting tan upon application. Depending on how you want it to anchor, you can shower after an hour, two hour and three hours for a darker tan. After application, you enjoy the new fragrances and the outgoing look. For best results, you need to use a moisturizer.

2. Norvell Dark Premium

Norvell Dark Premium

It is a premium tanning solution which exhibits its result within two to four hours. You get a long-lasting tan that gets enhanced by the vitamins and the antioxidants present. This gives your skin a natural look that is radiant and healthy. There are different shades all designed for different skin tones. It has DHA bronzer which reacts with the skin to produce a darker tan. Its effects last for at most seven days and produce a raspberry smell. It enriches your skin and causes no chemical harm since its organic.

3. Fake Bake Airbrush tanning solution

It is a Fake Bake product which rapidly acts to produce the desired effects. Even though as fast as the above airbrush formula, Fake Bake contends unimaginably with most tanning formulas. It has dimethyl isosorbide and erythrulose. Dimethyl isosorbide serves to enhances the delivery of the solution to the skin. For Erythrulose, gets slowly activated to produce the longer lasting tan.

4. Sjolie Sunless Organic Spray

It is an organic tanning solution that is made from Aloe vera leaf, DHA, Walnut extracts and constitutes vitamins A, C and E. It goes well with a medium skin toe. Aloe vera in this solution serves to intensify the delivery of DHA, within the deeper layers of the skin. The manufactures acclaim to have dispensed a good portion of aloe vera which makes the tanning effects last longer. Unlike other tanning solutions, Sjolie Sunless has no Paraben or erythrulose which are potent skin destructors. The tanning effects will take effect within one to four hours after application. It is advisable not to bath, engage in a strenuous exercise for at least eight hours.

Sjolie Sunless Organic Spray

5. California Tan Color Perfecting Complex

The solution is adorned with grapefruit and grape seed which are strong antioxidants with anti-aging effect for the skin. It also has pomegranate which serves to hydrate the skin giving your skin an elegance that can never go unnoticed. The artfully combined ingredients say grapefruit, grape seed, pomegranate cucumber, aloe vera, DHA and erythrulose enhance the deep tan which lasts long to blend with your complexion.

There are plenty of airbrush tanning solutions in the market today. However, without professional know-how, you may purchase a fake brand that might be harmful to your skin. Thus, professional advice would be helpful.