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What to Expect When Moving to Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, one of the biggest cities in Arizona, is a beautiful place to live. The population in the city has increasingly grown over the past several years. Though the conditions here may seem critical due to the hot climate in the area, there are still great things that you can expect when you move here.

So, is this the right place for you? How do you know it will suit you? Well, before moving to Phoenix, you need to meticulously consider whether you will fit in the conditions of the city. Here are some of the things you need to know before moving to Phoenix and making it your new home.

1. Available residences

You are ensured of finding a place to live in the city or on the outskirts of the city. Such houses are available for lease while others are available for sale. For example, edison condos for sale in Phoenix are available at low and affordable prices where some condos in Midtown will go for as low as $314,900. Edison condos have beautiful designs ranging from one to two bedrooms each on a considerable size of land.

2. Hot weather conditions

Based on the fact that the city is located in a desert, you expect the place to sometimes get exceedingly hot especially during the summer. Though it does rain occasionally, temperatures rise to as high as up to 500 C at times. Therefore, it is essential for you to establish effective adaptation methods to the hot conditions such as appropriate color choice of your garments, frequent water drinking habits, etc.

In these hot conditions, you will find some animals that you need to deal with, some of which may be dangerous. You will see Mexican foxes and coyotes in the place, which may be attractive to watch. Scorpions and reptiles such as snakes are some of the harmful animals you expect to find around the area.


3. Reliable food sources

Despite there lacking food plantations, Phoenix has plenty of restaurants and food stores offering various foodstuffs. Most restaurants provide Mexican foods while you can still find other dishes from other ethnics such as American, Asian and Italian foods. Restaurants such as Alice Cooperstown, Pig and Pickle, Beckett’s Table are some of the favorite restaurants located in Phoenix.

4. Available public utilities

In Phoenix, there are plenty of providers for different services including electricity, gas, and water providers. You might consider contacting these providers for connections before settling in the place. Organizations such as southwest gas corporation will help connect your home with cooking gas while there are plenty of providers of internet connection such as Dish Network and DirectTV.

5. Learning institutions

Phoenix comprises numerous schools and colleges to improve on the education provisions. The city has more than 500 primary schools including both public and private institutions. The colleges and universities in the area have also helped in higher educational learning which has positive effects on the city’s economic growth. Programs such as the Arizona Department of Education (ADE), has helped in ensuring that the level of education offered by these institutions is up to the set standards.


Depending on the affordability and your preference, there are various places within the city where you can choose to live in such as North Temple and Arcadia. This place is an exciting place for you to live even with your family. There are numerous attraction site as well including museums and zoos; hence it is fun living here.